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Creative Exercise | Turn off your inner filter

Born out of the despair of sharing ideas across email with no collaboration or interaction with team mates, this exercise aims to encourage teams to share their weird and wonderful ideas before engaging in live scenarios.  

What you have todo:

Come up with as many ideas for ice cream flavours within a minute. Encourage your participants to write down as many as possible within the time and to be as bold as they possible can. 

At the end of the minute, share your ideas and emphasise that although ideas initially may sound silly or far fetched they should not be disregarded. Heston Blumenthal's bacon and egg ice cream is a great example that can help support this thinking. 

Points to take away

  • Be brave and turn off your inner filter 
  • Don't keep your mouth shut with ideas you think sound silly or far-fetched
  • Lots of ideas are better than one big idea
Jordan Baxter