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Copy of Marigold - What's Your Cleaning Style?

Are you a seasoned cleaner or have your never picked up a cloth in your life? Do you have a dedicated cleaning kit for each room or do you grab the nearest cloth and go?

Whatever your cleaning style, there’s a Marigold product for you. Take our quiz to discover your cleaning style and our recommended cleaning bundle – we're even giving away ten cleaning bundles for free!

Plus one lucky winner will win a £250 Voucher to spend on whatever you like - after all we know everyone has their own style!



The original malted milk drink which has been the nation’s favourite for more than 138 years.



Our ongoing challenge for Horlicks is to change the strongly held perception, that the warm malted drink is synonyms with pre bedtime rituals to aid with drifting off to sleep.


Our Approach

Taking inspiration from BuzzFeed style quizzes such as 'What Simpson character are you?' we curated a simple intuitive sweepstake competition that determined what style of cleaning the user may have. The challenge was to identify what approach to cleaning the user had through a set of simple lifestyle questions, then recommend a package of products that would best suit their cleaning style.


What's Your Cleaning Style? Competition

The competition incentivised user engagement by giving them the chance to win £250 as well as ten curated cleaning bundles. The other factor for engagement, was the user's curiosity to find out their cleaning style creating sharable content and in turn converting plays into sales.  


Simple to use

The intuitive easy to use multiple choice questions allow the users to complete the quiz in just a few minutes.


Data Capture

Strategically placing the entry form at the end of the quiz, incentivised the users to progress to the final step and reveal their curated result. 


Curated Result

Once finishing the quiz the user is presented with a personalised animation that talks them through a few of their cleaning traits as well as recommending a cleaning bundle suited to their style. 


Sharable Content 

The curated answers gave the user content that they could share across Twitter and Facebook as well as build engagement around the competition. 



Along side the competition page we released a email marketing campaign that contained bitesize content blocks around Marigold products, incentives, tips and products.


The Result 

Over 6000 entries and 2600 database sign ups. Not bad for a budget of £1500.