- Creative Lead

Flexitol - Dare to Bare Hub

Flexitol provide a range of effective and innovative foot and skincare products that are an essential in looking after the skin for women between 25-40 years. The Dare to Bare Hub is centred around a competition that quizzes the user around their perfect holiday, incentivising them to get their feet in tip top condition ready for their summer holidays.



Experts in skin & foot care, Flexitol create effective and innovative foot and skincare products that improve the health of the skin.



Our challenge was to create a online space where we could drive the importance of adding foot care into daily skincare routines of women aged 25-40. As well as this we needed to grow the Flexitol user database and push people to explore the website further.


Our Approach

With Summer soon approaching we incentivised the users to get their feet ready for the sun, sand and sea with the help of Flexitol as part of their daily rountine.


The Dare to Bare Hub

The Dare to Bare Hub focused on a sweepstake competition that quizzed the user around their perfect holiday as well as provide steps to achieve dreamy skin they can be proud of.


Aspirational Imagery

The multiple choice questions showcased large aspirational imagery that brought the user closer to their perfect adventure. 



The questions helped build up a picture of the user's perfect holiday, allowing us to deliver curated results that appealed to them on a personal level.  


Data Capture

Strategically placing the entry form at the end of the quiz, incentivised the users to progress to the final step and reveal their curated result.


The Result 

The Hub has been hugely popular with the Flexitol community, doubling the previous year's competition entries. The competition mechanic has also been well received by the client, achieving their business needs and in-turn prolonging the longevity of the page.