- Creative Lead

Behind the Scenes

Everything from the initial briefing to sketching, wire framing, prototyping and finally the execution of the final solution. 


Behind the Scenes

A collection of extracts showing the processes behind a variety of delivered solutions. 



Discussing the business objects and deliverables of the challenge ahead can present itself with many questions. It is the initial encounter where meaningful question can be voiced and provide a vital framework for the process ahead. 



Idea generation is a key part of the collaborative process and gives opportunity to voice concepts and pick up on key themes that are emerging. From here we can develop ideas into low fidelity sketches which can then be critiqued. 


User centric 

The success behind 'pain free' solutions is understanding the motives and behaviours of the users. Designs that are centered around the User's needs provide a seamless pain free experience. 



Outlining the functionality of the solution, the wireframes provide a low fidelity experience of the site that present a opportunity to iron out any problems before committing to high fidelity designs.


High fidelity designs

Once the wireframes have been approved we can progress to high fidelity designs which cover a lot more detail. Here we can address the look and feel of the deliverable adhering to brand guidelines or creating something from scratch.